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For up to date events and worship please check Facebook Page.

Mission, Concerts, Worship and Service make up our Youth Ministry.
Acquire The Fire 2012


​​In the Spring we enjoyed the music of Toby Mac and others during a great spiritually strengthening event at the Izod Center, NJ!

Atlantic City 2012


The Summer of 2012 we went on a Mission Trip to Atlantic City with Christ Hamilton United Lutheran CHurch. We stayed at St. Andrew By The Sea Lutheran Church (NALC)


Please speak to Pastor Buzzard if you are interested in attending our next Mission Trip.

Youth Go Everywhere!

Youth contribute to every aspect of ministry at St. Michaels.  We hide eggs, tell stories, change lightbulbs, share Jesus' love, feed the hungry, change diapers, sweep and mop floors, paint walls and faces, wash dishes, plant trees, cloth people, mow grass, give hugs, fix mowers, blow insulation, AND ALWAYS smile or give "The Look" when Pastor takes a picture!


Funds for Bear Creek Camp

Through St. Michael’s Church and Berks County Community Foundation Miriam Wentzel memorial there are funds available to help pay for youth who would like to go to Bear Creek Camp.  Want to learn what Bear Creek Camp has to offer you?  See Bill Harris or Pastor Buzzard for a brochure, which outlines the camps summer programs.  


If you are buying a new or used car at Freedom Toyota, please see Pastor Buzzard for a card that the youth would get $100.00

Youth Sale table

The table is in the hallway where the mail slots are located.

Pen Set      MP3 Speakers     Numerous CDs

Homemade cards         Home made afghans

120 min. AT&T Calling Cards

Aromatherapy soothing packs


Direct TV

   If you are thinking about signing up for Direct TV please see Pastor Buzzard, so you and the youth each earn $100.00.  

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