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Pastor Paul Buzzard began ministry at St. Michael's January 1, 2006.  He is married to Deborah (Boyer) Buzzard since 1982.  They have four children and five grandchildren.


Pastor Buzzard, like St. Michaels, is a member of Lutheran CORE and meets with other conservative/orthodox Pastors to plan local and regional events.


He graduated from Bangor Area High School in 1977; Northampton County Community College in 1979 and Kutztown University in 1981;  The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia in 1985;  He was the pastor at St. John's Lutheran Church, Friedensburg, PA for twenty years before coming to Hamburg.



St. Michael's is part of Christ's Body on Earth!


As the beloved children of God, brothers and sisters in Christ, we are called to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a gospel of grace, forgiveness, healing, and hope. Holy Baptism marks us with the cross of Jesus Christ and sends us out to baptize, to serve, to forgive, to heal, and to love in Jesus’ name.


What we Believe:

The Bible 
We confess that, "The Word of God is and should remain the sole rule and norm of all doctrine" (FC SD, Rule and Norm, 9). What the Bible asserts, God asserts. What the Bible commands, God commands. The authority of the Scriptures is complete, certain and final. The Scriptures are accepted by the Lutheran Confessions as the actual Word of God. The Lutheran Confessions urge us to believe the Scriptures for "they will not lie to you" (LC, V, 76) and cannot be "false and deceitful" (FC SD, VII, 96).




The Lutheran Confessions
What is the main point of the Lutheran Confessions? The Lutheran Reformation was not a "revolt," but rather began as a sincere expression of concern with the false and misleading teachings, which, unfortunately, even to this very day, obscure the glory and merit of Jesus Christ. What motivated Luther was a zealous concern about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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